The organization of the ministry

Egamberdiyev Oybek Xudayorovich

Head of the Executive Department

Mamaraimova Nasiba Yadgarovna

Advisor of Minister
  • 09:00 - 18:00

Rustamova Laylo Suvankulovna

Press officer – Advisor to Minister on information policy


Head of legal division


Head of the devision of international relations


Head of the Legal Control Service of the Minister

Murodov Erkin

Head of the Department for Coordination of Activities of General Secondary Education Institutions

Tagayev Akbar Ravshanovich

Head of the Department of Spiritual and Moral Education

Muxamedov Sherzod Nurmuxamedovich

Head of Department of Strategic Analysis, Introduction of Advanced Pedagogical Technologies and New Initiatives in Education


Head of Division for the Integration of Education and Production


Head of Deparment for School Models and Public-Private Partnership Department

Oqilov Qodir Rajabboy ogli

Head of the Department for the Coordination of the Construction, Repair and Equipping of Public Education Institutions

Ahmedov Fayzulla

Head of Department for Social Security and Child Support

Karabaev Murodjon Abduraxmanovich

Head of Department for organization of out-of-school education, sports and tourism


Head of Department of Internal Audit

Siradjev Ilxom Toxirovich

Head of Financial Analysis and Planning Department

Shokirov Djamshid

Head of Finance and Accounting Department

Yeshnazarov Shakhboz Asanbayevich

Head of Public Procurement Division


Head of Investment Attraction and Monitoring Division


Head of the department for improving the methodological support of the educational process

Khojakulov Laziz Choriyevich

Head of Department for coordinating quality education processes, training of pedagogical staff and capacity building

Xamutov Uchqun

Head of the sector for coordinating the creation of textbooks and educational-methodical complexes


Head of Division for the Coordination of the Implementation of Information and Communication Technologies


  • 09:00 - 18:00


Head of HR Department

Mominkulov Jandos Kamalovich

Head of organizational control and analytical department

Aberkulov Bazarboy Kudaykulovich

Неаd of Sector for the organization of activities of the Fund for supporting reforms in public education

Raxmonov Umid Olimovich

Head of the Department for Work with Gifted Students in Subject Olympiads

Joʻrayev Oʻtkir Ortiqboyevich

Head of the Division for Preparing exam materials
  • 09:00 - 18:00

Qodirov Sirojiddin Raxmonovich

Head of department for the organization of olympiads
  • 09:00 - 18:00

Tokhtayev Davron Dilmurot oʻgʻli

Head of Monitoring Division
  • 09:00 - 18:00