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The name of the tender: Organizing and carrying out a tender trade according to the publishing of the school registry and other school documents in academic year 2020-2021. The Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan organize and carry out the tender trade of the class registers and other school documents, deliver printed school documents to the “Academic Education Provision to the state Unitary Enterprise. In the following tender trade all local and foreign enterprises and organizations which have experience and possibility delivery of production according to the quality and price and convenient form of showed amount of manufacturing can participate in regardless of ownership. Also in tender trade all associations in consortium form also can participate.

The Participant of the tender trade:

ü   Must be considered as a legal entity Who can require the laws of the Republic of the Uzbekistan, can deliver goods to the object of purchases.

ü   Can have the rights of drawing up contracts

ü   Can have enough financial resources for realization of the contract

The offers of the tender  participant are accepted  in one copy stamped  on page by page and put into envelops, with the application  for the participation according to the form 1 of the tender documents.

Also, tender participant  must present one of examples, of its production to the state Consumer address till the last date of the accepting offers.

Tenders wishing to obtain additional information on the process and procedure of bidding may contact the State Customer at the following address every day from 10:00 to 17:00 from the date of publication of the announcement of the State Customer (except Saturdays and Sundays):

Address: Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent city, Shayhontohur district, Navoi street, 2a. Tel .: +998 94 626-63-44, +998 90 317-15-47 e-mail:, Executive Secretary: C.Kenjaev In addition, information on the tender is available on the website of the Ministry of Public Education and on a special information portal.

Tender proposals in the form of collateral:

Ø   guarantee of the bank having accounts with the bank serving the State customer by non-cash transfer of funds in the amount of 1% of the limited value of the lot to which the tender is submitted to the special account of the State customer by bidders who are local enterprises;


Ø   The tender, which is a foreign enterprise, must be attached to the customer in the form of a bank guarantee with a document certified by a SWIFT message in favor of the customer in the amount of 1 percent of the limited value of the lot for which the bid is submitted.

Tenders that are not secured by a deposit amount or a bank guarantee will not be considered by the Procurement Commission.

Bank details: Address: Tashkent city, Shayhantahur district, Navoi street, house 2a, tel .: (94) 626-63-44 (90) 317-15-47 STIR: 201122808 Tashkent Labor branch of JSC "Ipoteka bank", Bank address: Tashkent, Shakhrisabz street, 30 Bank code: 00423, SWIFT: UZHOUZ22 Soum account number: L / s: 401410860262667950100075002 Currency account in US dollars: R / s: 22614840100101044003

Tenders must be submitted to the public customer at the above address (except Saturdays and Sundays) no later than 15:00 on 12 june 2020. Bids (envelopes) shall be opened at the place and date determined by the Procurement Commission. The applicant will be additionally notified by the Executive Secretary of the Procurement Commission.

Tender opening takes place at a specific place at a certain date by Purchase commission. Further information will be provided by Procurement commission secretary.


The information about goods



Product name


Sum of purchase

The highest cost (max)

Total cost (soum)

The highest cost rate regarding to  %

Necessary soum of bidder









The rate of class register, record book, optional lesson, record register, certificate record book for public schools for participation in tender (1-11) lot.


1-4 class register


94 210

16 455

1 550 225 550



23 499 457

10-11 class register


36 913

21 665

799 720 145


5-9 class register


106 282

22 580

2 399 847 560


23 998 476


Report cards (1-11 Grade)


681 615


633 901 950



8 998 959

Report cards (10-11 Grade)


528 815


265 993 945


Optional lesson register


14 729

8 500

125 196 500





12 997 843

Register for recording certificates


10 002

19 500

195 039 000

Protocol register of Pedagogical commission 


13 713

19 500

267 403 500

Register of substitutes and missing hours


9 808

19 500

191 256 000

Book of orders


16 685

19 050

317 849 250

Students movement register


10 152

20 000

203 040 000






6 949 473 400


69 494 735




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